Building Relations with mentors was the high point of Day 3

The third day of Unreasonable Lab Kolkata began with an amiable breakfast. Like every day, before the sessions started, the participants and organising team members engaged in an energetic and stimulating dance. A perfect beginning to a meaningful day!

Gharminder Tandon conducted the session of Building Relations with mentors. His excitement and enthusiasm reached out to the participants as well. He started off by explaining the difference between people who are descendants from a business family and others who are of first generation. He told that this exists due to the distinction between their initial experiences.

He went on to say that if the right people were approached, the revenue generation of any venture could increase exponentially. Major stress was put on creating loyalty, image, reputation and a good team. People are the most important factor and a company should always take out time to connect with them.
Next, important areas of pitching ideas and building relations were focused on. In a step by step procedure, Gharminder described the significance of connecting with the right mentors. The first step involves researching the mentor or funder. This can be done by reading various blogs, write ups on that person and following them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Subsequently, everyone was made to watch a video on role play. It focused on certain key areas that each entrepreneur should take note of before facing a mentor. The participants were made to switch seats, so that they could each practice pitching on each other and sharpen their existing skills in the process.
During the course of this exercise, connections shared by the entrepreneurs were re-established and strengthened.
Gharminder next talked about the importance of pitching an idea to a mentor, so that even if one is not able to explain the entire concept, they are able to generate interest in their product.

He made the participants work on the case study of Unreasonable Lab itself, clearing doubts and fostering understanding in their minds. The session discussed various things one should remember before going for a mentor meet.

After a delicious lunch, Gaurav Kapoor put light on the various mentors attending the Day 4 of Unreasonable Lab Kolkata. The excitement of participants was palpable! They spent the rest of the evening preparing them for the big day tomorrow.

Another momentous day at Unreasonable Lab Kolkata came to an end. We would like to thank our food sponsors, Every Door’s Mysteryand The Firefly 24 X 7 for providing us with a delicious breakfast and lunch!

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