CraftsNation is an online platform where authentic Indian handicrafts and hand made products are bought and sold. Founded by Sankha Ray, the venture operates from Kolkata. They provide on demand product Pick-up, packaging and delivery. Their products are affordable and authentic.

Indian handicraft is a $4 billion industry, yet it’s unorganized and the rural artisans don’t have internet connectivity or access to direct logistical support. These artisans are heavily dependent on the middle men to sell their products. Taking advantage of the situation, these middlemen charge extra, cutting down on the profits of the local artisans.

CraftsNation aims to “Unite, inspire and promote Indian handicrafts”. They work closely with all artisans and do not entertain any middlemen to sell any articles at their website. After the artisans started doing business with them, their profit margins have increased by almost 40%.

CraftsNation began operations in January 2014 with just 5 artisans and 300 products. As on January 2016, there were 115 artisans selling almost 4000 products at their store.

Sankha is a social entrepreneur who participated at Unreasonable Lab Kolkata!

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