What is Innokul?

Innokul is an idea incubator and accelerator based in Kolkata that fosters an entrepreneurial ecosystem for successful start-ups in their relevant environment. We support businesses, social ventures, and non-profits that have the potential to successfully invigorate socioeconomic development in communities they impact. We achieve this by investing in ideas and people for a small equity stake. We offer programs to individuals or teams working on an idea that includes mentorship, educational, and financial components. The program typically culminates in a public pitch event or demo day.

Why is Innokul relevant?

There are several barriers to entrepreneurial success – lack of capital assets, disconnected social networks, gaps in core business acumen, and lack of experience in starting legitimate ventures. Innokul addresses all of them.

What are Innokul’s objectives?

• Offer a congenial environment and appropriate infrastructure for evolution of ideas.

• Facilitate idea exploration, feasibility analysis, and development.

• Provide necessary skills and tools.

• Support commercialization of ideas that have potential to be successful.

• Build student entrepreneurial skills and new ventures.

What does Innokul offer?

We offer our expertise and money to take an idea to next level. We assist with the following:

• Help with business basics

• Networking activities

• Marketing assistance

• Office space and shared administrative services

• Help with accounting/financial management

• Help with presentation skills

• Links to strategic partners

• Access to capital

• Comprehensive business training programs

• Advisory board members and mentors

• Management team identification

• Technology commercialization assistance

• Help with regulatory compliance

• Intellectual property management

How Innokul Program Works?

  • We launch our program with an online, print, and radio campaign inviting online applications
  • Applicants fill up a detailed questionnaire online describing their idea and team
  • 15 applicants are selected for additional interviews
  • 7-10 applications are invited to be part of the program
  • Program curriculum to cover the following topics:
    • Idea Exploration and Feasibility Analysis
    • Structure of Startup Entity
    • Processes required – Idea Specific
    • Production
      • Processes
      • Planning
      • Inputs – Raw Materials, Services, Labour
      • Sourcing Options
      • Quality Standards, Checks & Measures
      • Testing
    • Marketing Research – Target Groups, Territory Identification
    • Finance – Cash & Fund Flow, Accounting, Fund Sources, Banking, Taxation,
    • Advertising & Publicity, Social Media
    • Customer Servicing – Feedback & Response
  • Seed Funding Program participants are invited to present their business at Investor Days in front of potential funders