Mentor-Mentee meet ruled Day 4 of Unreasonable Lab Kolkata!

Innokul Lab, American Center & Bhawanipur Education Society College co-hosted the Unreasonable Lab Kolkata which concluded the fourth day with immense energy and significant insights.
The excitement level for the day was set high! It can easily be described as the most fruitful day of this workshop.

As per routine, all the mentors, participants and organising team members grooved to the tunes of a Bollywood number. Everyone’s enthusiasm and energy was palpable!
To start off the day, a game of Rock Paper and Scissors was conducted by a team member. Many laughed and cheered, as the winner emerged after a few intense rounds.

Gaurav Kapoor summarised the past sessions and exercises that the participants had undergone. The mentors went on to introduce themselves, giving everyone an overview. Next, the teams introduced themselves and pitched their ideas forward.

The importance of a mentor-mentee relation was stressed on. The entrepreneurs were reminded of a few key points to be kept in mind. Likewise, the role of the mentors was also discussed. Credit was given to facilitators, as they were acting as the link between mentors and participants.

Finally, the mentors and mentees were paired up and the counselling sessions began. There was an exchange of ideas, experience, insights and perspectives on various aspects of handling a startup. Be it customer behaviour, market analysis, brand management, time management and the unique challenges that each venture faces.
After each round, different mentors and mentees were paired up so that valuable insight could be gained by the teams. Participants pitched their ideas effectively.

Following lunch, the sessions for the day continued. It was an intense experience for both, the mentors and participating teams. Ideas and guidelines were exchanged among them constantly, making the entire day meaningful and successful.

Next, the certificates were distributed to the Mentors as a token of appreciation. We ended the evening with yet another enthusiastic dance. Following this, everyone moved to Bombay Shiv Sagar for the mentor dinner. It was an informal gathering where everyone connected further.

It was a lovely ending to a busy, intense and momentous day!

Picture courtesy: Sulagna

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