Rapid prototyping forms the highlight of Day 2

In the next session of Building Prototypes, the entrepreneurs formed new teams so that they could collectively work on the assigned task. In the first phase, the teams planned out their prototypes. It involved pricing, reshaping, introduction of modifications and innovations to improve their sample models. They managed to share a laugh or two along the way. It didn’t take them much time to come up with a few spectacular ideas.

The next phase involved building of the actual prototype. After the extensive exercise of preparing it, the facilitators were encouraged to question the teams about their ideas. The teams were also asked to go and visit each other’s plans and reflect on how everyone was dealing with the different challenges their ventures were facing.

Followed by this, Gaurav Kapoor further discussed and clarified the doubts of the entrepreneurs, making the session more meaningful.

After a delicious lunch and yet another energetic and fun dance, the sessions for the day resumed. The teams ventured out for Customer Validation Forum. They tested the built prototypes on the customers identified in sessions conducted yesterday.

In the final hour of Day 2, Customer Forum Debriefing was carried out. The teams talked about their experiences, observations and conclusions. The discussion ended with the entrepreneurs noting down the various new things they had learnt today.

Day 2 ended on a meaningful note. The entrepreneurs shuffled out of the auditorium, looking forward to another day of sessions that will ultimately lead to the validation of their ventures.

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