Sankalp Save Indian Grain Foundation

Anurag Awasthi founded Sankalp Save Indian Grain Foundation in August 2015. The venture operates from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

After extensive research and experimentation, SIGO successfully developed solutions for some of the major problems that the Indian agricultural sector is facing. These solutions have been drafted, keeping in mind the special needs of the nation’s agricultural setup.

The first solution is farm bins flat and hopper bottomed. They have been designed to meet the storage requirements of small and marginal farmers on a rental basis.

Grameen Kalyan Kendra, aggregator hubs or food hubs is the second solution that Anurag came up with. They are aesthetically designed market platforms with civic amenities, designed to serve as commerce hubs for agro commodities in rural India. These hubs will allow farmers to add value to their produce and harvests through grading, sorting and cleaning and display their produce and harvest without having to make trips to the agro market yards.

Agro supply chain and cluster maps are agro-cluster defined; map driven directories that seek to connect various stakeholders within the Indian agriculture sector. Improved supply chain links and dissemination of information will reduce existing price volatility of agriculture commodities and ensure increased environmental and social benefits.

Anurag came to know about Unreasonable Lab Kolkata through . He came all the way from Lucknow to get his Business Model Validated. That is the impact Unreasonable Institute has on this world!

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