Shuruat- The Beginning

“Shuruat- The Beginning” is a livelihood promoting startup operating from West Bengal.

It acts as a micro-credit Institute but does not limit itself to providing just credit. They train people so that they develop business skills & understand the actual customer needs. This in turn will help them increase their sales & profits, making them self sustained and self sufficient. By doing so, they are enabling the people to provide themselves with the basic amenities that are required to survive. More so that they can at least fulfil the basic needs required to sustain themselves. Their services are provided on a personal basis and not merely on collateral’s. Their goal is to make entrepreneurs from the people who have the ability & vision but are not getting the right mentor-ship & resources. They have the desire to change the notion & mindset of the poor people who have to depend on NGO’s & other people for their livelihood & basic necessities. Their long term goal is to make 1 million self dependent entrepreneurs & 5 million self sustainable people.

The team of Shuruat- The Beginning is a participant at Unreasonable Lab Kolkata!

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