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Enactus St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, founded Talking Pots in the month of August 2015. It is a social venture that sells with promise beautiful pots painted with vibrant colours and a variety of innovative designs.

They married the aesthetic aspects of art with the bountiful largesse of nature, and out of the amalgamation of the vibrant duo, emerged Talking Pots. To capture the diverse cultural undertones of the State of West Bengal, they came up with their must-have aesthetic product which not only provides an alternative to the traditional long favoured flower bouquets but also serves as a cleaner and greener solution for home decor.

The very first foundational step they take towards making their product different from any other is that they pick the pot of the desired size from their well stocked inventory. Then, with the help of good quality sandpaper, they scrub the pot well in order to get a plain and even surface, which will enable the women to paint on it. Next, a flat brush is used to put an initial base coat on the pot according to the design. This process is repeated till perfection is achieved. Using a pencil a rough sketch is made on the pot as an outline of the design, which is followed by the selection of a suitable paintbrush from the stationary corner for the execution of various designs. After the pot dries, the process comes to an end with the vanishing of the painted pot which keeps it glossy and protects the paint giving the pot its final touch.

The team aims to help elevate the situation of marginalised communities while renovating the conventional bouquet system through innovation. They’ve come to this Lab with the intention of enhancing their knowledge and gaining a practical experience.

Enactus is a participant at Unreasonable Lab Kolkata.

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