The Final Chapter of Unreasonable Lab Kolkata

Unreasonable Lab Kolkata, hosted by Innokul Lab, American Center & Bhawanipur Education Society College began its last day with raised spirit and enthusiasm. All the entrepreneurs and organising team members employed themselves in a fun and cheerful dance/ aerobics session.

Gharminder Tandon conducted the session on Cost Assumptions Analysis with great zeal. He started off by talking about the importance of a well evaluated business plan and the insight and confidence it gives while one is taking key decisions relating to profit margins, gross margins and right estimate for pricing the product.
Next, a break-even analysis was done to assess the various cost aspects of a business. Entrepreneurs need to forecast and set up targets for their businesses carefully.

The session on Building Strategic Future Road Map was conducted by Gaurav Kapoor. He highlighted the significance of strategic planning and action. Everyone was requested to focus on their mission by giving undivided attention to their venture’s action, target audience and outcome.

The participants were each made to write their firm’s 1 year priorities, followed by 3 month priorities, milestones and tasks that needed to be acted upon in order to accomplish these milestones. After noting all of this down, they were made to evaluate the number of people who would be required to get the job done and a deadline within which it needs to be accomplished.

The meaningful session concluded with the entrepreneurs giving feedback and sharing their experience in the Lab.
Greg Pardo, Public Affairs Officer, US Consulate General, joined us for the Certificate Distribution Ceremony. He shared a few words with us on entrepreneurship in east India. All the participants and organising team members were presented with their certificates, giving recognition to their combined efforts.
For the last time in this lab, everyone gathered for an energetic dance. Moving to the beats of a Bollywood number, they laughed and cheered.

After a jovial lunch, the entrepreneurs and team members took a walk in the city along with Calcutta Walks to enrich themselves with the history, culture and heritage of the City of Joy. The most common sights hide a history that is compelling and interesting.

With this walk, the Unreasonable Business Model Validation Lab concluded.

With support and efforts from the entrepreneurial ecosystem, Innokul successfully hosted this significant Lab. We hope that the teams participating and everyone involved had an enriching and meaningful experience!

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